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A letter from Andrew, our Co-Founder & CEO

I had the incredible opportunity to cross paths with a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist who guided me on a transformative journey to overcome my ADHD and unlock my full potential.

"We are building a mental health platform staffed by highly qualified professionals."

This life-changing experience ignited a profound passion for making a difference by breaking barriers within mental health care. We are now creating a workplace where the values of empathy, inclusivity, and accessibility are not just mere buzzwords but deeply embedded in our culture.

We are building a mental health platform staffed by highly qualified mental health professionals to achieve this. Starting as a telehealth service, we will continue to improve and expand our platform to serve our patients better.

Our goal is to provide exceptional mental health care to everyone who needs it, no matter where they live. Everyone deserves access to the care that can transform their lives.

Join us in our mission to improve the world, one patient at a time. We are looking forward to building it together.

Our mission is to maximize human potential. 

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To get the most out of their sessions, patients must be honest about their struggles. We take this extremely seriously by setting up strict security measures to ensure their information remains 100% confidential.

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All clinicians must pass through a rigorous hiring process where they are measured emotionally, technically and in alignment with our mission.

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We understand that help is needed as soon as possible, so we are always looking for a way to create appointment opportunities in the near future.

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If our platform is not accessible, then we are failing at our mission. We are always open to new ways how to reduce our prices.